Front: larch veneer with black cracks and knots

INDIVIDUALITY IS OUR RECIPE – Living demands new shapes

Good cooking needs choice ingredients, creativity and experience – and this is equally true of furnishing. Which materials do I want to have around me? Do I want to cook with my family and friends often? What do I need to be happy? And what can I easily do without in the kitchen? There are so many questions to answer when you start planning a space. By sitting down together and talking, we will find the right answers for you.

Spacious, open-planned interior design leaves behind yesterday’s approach to planning. It unites indoors with outdoors to create a new feeling: living in touch with nature. The ideas of multiple award-winning designer Michael Hilgers go straight to the point. His Y kitchen extends an invitation to socialise and brings together every convenience you could wish for in a compact design. The functional wall in larch with integrated through door provides generous storage space. The graining of the veneer is as unique as the history of the tree that has grown over many decades. Combined with graphite black DirectLACK, the wood exudes a soothing warmth.

The units with their TakeAway pull-outs simplify the combined use of the kitchen with life in the home and outdoors. Spices, oils, vinegar, crockery, cutlery and serviettes can be carried directly from the unit to the outside terrace with ease.

This dream kitchen is available in all colours from Ballerina.