SMART-M 4611

SMART-M 4611

Front: Smart glass satin-finish sand grey

FIRST THE CONCEPT, THEN THE DETAILS – Marble with Smart glass is the new design benchmark

What can make our lives easier? How can household chores be made to feel less of an effort? Our opinion is good planning and an interior-design concept that places the focus on user-friendly details and short walking distances from the word go. When housekeeping activities such as washing and ironing, organising cleaning products and sorting waste are well planned, you can return to the pleasant things in life all the more quickly.

For a long time, stone was considered to be hard and cold. Today, it caresses the fingertips with silky or velvety surfaces while leaving an impression of absolute authenticity. The marble effect brings an exclusive look to interiors: the spacious counter opens up to the living space. The fitted tall unit side in matt Smart glass accommodates the user-friendly kitchen appliances and provides additional generous storage space behind sliding and hinged doors. All that separates the kitchen from the perfectly organised utility room is a walk-through. Everybody has them, but no one particularly wants them on show: whether ironing board, washing basket or vacuum cleaner – the many useful household helpers are all too often neglected when planning the new, open kitchens. New buildings and apartments, particularly in cities, often do not include a basement any more. And even if they do: Who wants to go down there whenever the shirts need ironing? It is high time for a little more convenience. A made-to-measure utility room is the answer. Ideally – just like the kitchen – it will be included in planning from the very start and designed to be a work zone tailored exactly to your needs and expectations

All manner of clever solutions catering to every aspect of efficient housekeeping are provided. Equipped exactly to your taste, your utility room will become a feel-good zone that makes work incredibly easy.
Concealed under the sink is a recycling centre for recyclables and additional space for cleaning and care utensils. The spacious tall units store everything for cleaning floors. A turn of the hand is all it takes to reach the floor mop. The innovative ironing unit is a minor revolution. Ironing has never been easier … because here, everything you need for ironing is at arm’s reach – including the pull-out ironing board.

This dream kitchen is available in all colours from Ballerina.